Earning loyalty points has never been easy before! Place an order and earn loyalty points. We love to complement our customers, this is why once someone visits our site, surely places an order. We at WritersPie treat every visitor and customer as a family member.

Reward Program
How Do We Reward Our Loyal Customers?

We want every user experience to be ultimate and memorable for you. The loyalty points that you earn by placing
orders with us, cannot only be used for placing an order, rather for winning exciting prizes like gadgets,
smartwatches, expensive perfumes, and phones. Ask your friends to be a part of this cool loyalty
program and help them and yourself save some pocket money.

Each prize can be won after fulfilling particular criteria. The best thing is that you don't have to wait for any lucky
draws to get your hands on them. To redeem your points you only have to earn enough loyalty points and then
choose a reward against them. No luck, or miracles involved here, its sheer practical order placing.


Follow three easy steps to earn loyalty points and experience the reward program perfectly. You simply have to place
an order, get loyalty points, and redeem them to win discounts and other exciting prizes.

Place an Order

Send in your work to us by placing an order. By doing so, you will become a loyal customer and eligible for the reward program. Keep trusting us with your work and we will repay you.

Earn Loyalty Points

Place more orders to win more loyalty points, the chances to earn these points increase with every order. Once you earn a certain amount of points, you can redeem to as cash-points or get prizes.

Redeem Anytime

Redeem the earned point or save them; they are going to stay in your account as long as you don't use them. Redeem them to get abundant goodies including discounts and cool gadgets.

What You Get as a Reward

Earn loyalty points, and redeem them to get exciting gifts, exclusive add-ons, or free order placement. We have a huge
collection of offers for you to enjoy in exchange for the loyalty points that you earn. You have to pay for an order
to earn loyalty points.

Exclusive Add-ons

One of the winning prizes is the featured add-ons that you can have by exchanging loyalty points. Resultantly, you can place orders without added cost. Some of the add-ons are preferred writers, abstract page, or double quality check.

Free Pages

Another amazing win is the free pages that you can have in exchange for redeemed points. So you can enjoy an automatically reduced cost of orders you place. Furthermore, if you have enough loyalty points your orders of 1 or 2 pages may be placed for free.

Gift Items

Our loyalty points come bearing good news for those who are into shopping. You can win expensive gift items, smartphones, or even gift vouchers for famous brands. You can tell us your preference via email and your request will be processed.


We have a comprehensive reward policy that enables us to distribute rewards to both our loyal and regular customers. This
policy ensures that our customers encounter no disputes in the process and send us the redeeming requests
smoothly. Here are the main clauses of our policy.

  • Minimum Order of $5

    Minimum order of $5 has to be placed to get loyalty points.

  • Redeem After 30 Days

    You can redeem the earned loyalty points after 30 days period.

  • Redeem After 90 Days

    In certain special cases, you can redeem the loyalty points even after 90 days.

  • Gift Availability

    You can select a gift item only if it is available in the reward shop.

  • Points Exchange

    You can ask us to exchange your points with free pages and exclusive add-ons.




The benefits we offer certify our dedication and commitment towards helping the students out there with writing
up academic papers.

Subject Specialist
You Can Request Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions to certify your satisfaction. You can ask for the order's revision until you are happy with the results.

You Can Pay Using Secure Payment Modes

We deal with secure and safe payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. to ensure the safety of your transaction.

We Can Complete Your Paper in 3-Hours

We can complete an order for you on the shortest deadline of 3 hours. We assure you that the order will be perfect and error-free.

You Can Request Call-Back Anytime

If you do not have the credit or are busy at the moment, you can always request us to call you back at any specific time.

Subject Specialist