We have designed certain policies to protect your privacy on our site. We certify non-disclosure of all your information and data that we gather and receive. The particular information is never shared without your consent.

Service Policies
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Our policies that cover the referral, delivery, revision, refund, and privacy, carry all the required information for you to
proceed with your order placement. If anything goes south, we have got your back based on these policies. Also,
we urge everyone to go through these policies once before placing order.


We are offering unlimited, free of cost revisions to reassure customer satisfaction. We work diligently to provide quality work to you. If you think our work is not up to par or doesn't meet your requirements, then you can mark it for a revision, until you get your required changes. The revision process is simple; all you have to do is shoot us an email suggesting all the required changes. You can also mark revision from your user area; simply click 'Revision' from the page and ta-da! Add the changes you require and send a request.

Below is the time frame for every revision;

  • First revision, the cycle is of 24 hours.
  • For the second revision, the cycle is 48 hours.
  • Third revision, the cycle will require 72 hours and henceforth.

The revision time will also be dependent upon the revision comments provided by the user and the number of pages. If your changes are minor, we may complete the revision and submit the paper earlier. If your revision comments are not clear, we would require another explanation from your end and it may affect the time as well. So if you don't want your revision to face delay, you have to send clear details.

The assigned writer will, however, continue with the initial details to save time. These revisions will be free of cost and the changes will be done after comparing it with the initial guidelines. The customer would be required to pay an adjustment fee if he provides different revision comments than the original ones.

Urgent Revisions

If you require revision on an urgent basis, then you would have to pay extra charges. It is so because a specific writer's availability cannot be assured urgently, and we may have to arrange another writer to do the job.


If your order faces any of these errors; double payment, identical orders, error in the transaction process, or cancellation due to the unavailability of the writer, don't worry you can receive a complete refund.

WritersPie has always paid great attention to customer satisfaction. As a customer, you may cancel your order due to unforeseen reasons and we completely understand this. So you can have a partial refund; that is in case you inform us beforehand. The following clauses will be considered before reimbursing the refund amount:

  • No writer is assigned: If your order is not assigned to a writer, you will receive a 90% refund.
  • A writer is assigned: If the order is assigned to a writer, then you'll get 50% of the refund.
  • Missing details: If your order has details missing and still you cancel it, then you'll get a 95% refund.


We have a reputation for delivering the orders in the given time and it is one of our main objectives too. Our team works efficiently and because of its input, over 95% of the orders get delivered before the deadline is over. But some unexpected events can always come in the way to cause a delay. Mostly, this happens due to technical errors or incomplete order instructions.

Therefore, we suggest that customers keep a check on their inbox for email updates. The emails can, at times, make their way into the spam folder, so you are encouraged to keep a lookout for your junk/spam folder as well. This way you may not miss any status updates of your order. Additionally, you have to visit your assigned user area once in a while, for checking the order status. If you still have any doubts or ambiguities in mind, then you can come online and discuss the matters with our customer support via 24/7 live chat.

Moreover, we offer custom writing services only for the research purpose. You are not advised to submit the paper as is, claiming to be your own assignment. We deliver written work to make the research process easy for you and your personal understanding. Kindly note that you may have to face the consequences by your institute, as a result of submitting this work as it is.


  • The referral program states that a specified percentage will be paid to the customer, to promote customer engagement with the business.
  • The payments earned via the referral program are transferred into the user's current account. Users can earn credit by only using the services available on the website.
  • Once a user achieves the eligibility benchmarks of the referral program, he will be rewarded with the credit by WritersPie, to be used for the next 6 months. This will be valid after the lucky referral completes the criteria.
  • The referral can use the offered credit only after he signs up with the help of the unique link of the referrer, otherwise not.
  • The credit amount is open to cancelation if the referred customer refunds, cancels, or request for reimbursement.
  • WritersPie holds the right to revoke the referral program anytime, without informing the customer.
  • If faced with any altercations and mishandling, please wait patiently as our management delves into the issue.
  • Customers having over $500 in their account, can redeem it. This can be done by sending an email request.
  • The available credit will be applied to the referral's final payment.
  • The referrer can earn the credit for 6 months, provided the referral completes the payment for the very first order.
  • The credit and referral status can be checked from the "Refer a Friend" category, mentioned in the user area.

We award the credit as per the following packages:

Basic - If you refer 1-3 individuals, you will receive 5% credit of every confirmed referral order, for the next 6 months.

Silver - By referring 4-7 individuals successfully, customers are eligible for a 10% credit amount for the next six months on every confirmed referral order.

Gold - If you refer 8-10 individuals, you will receive 15% credit of every confirmed referral order, for the next 6 months.

Platinum - If you refer 11+ individuals, you will receive 20% credit of every confirmed referral order, for the next 6 months.


WritersPie never shares any customers' data with the unauthorized entity or third-party websites. Protecting customers' private information is the core of our values; therefore we protect it at utmost priority. Customers' personal information like, name, contact number, email ID, etc. are well-protected and only certain personnel can access it, this means that only authorized people can open it. At WritersPie, we take your privacy seriously therefore; your information is never even revealed to the specific writer, editor, or reviewer.

We never leak any of your academic information like order details or data to any unauthorized individual. This practice is part of our protocol and is mandatory to follow for seamless service delivery. This privacy policy applies to both information gathered via session information or cookies and forms. We perform check on a regular basis and information is kept at bay from irrelevant people.

Customers are always welcome to delete or update any of your information; however, we hold the right to amend, update, or remove any clause from our privacy policy anytime, without prior informing the customers. Hence, we advise both the visitors and customers to go through our privacy policy before utilizing our services. We are not accountable to any customer if we make any change in the policy without prior informing.

Our privacy policy protects the private information of the customers by safeguarding order processing, data storage, and uniform information transmission to payment gateways. Our policy is also applicable to the offered promotions. We use certain authorized management tools, security protocols, and algorithms to thwart phishing. Such inventiveness distinguishes WritersPie from other service providers in the market and makes us the most reliable and attested. However we will advise the customers to be careful before sharing their financial information like debit or credit card information, social security number, or mailing addresses via data fields. We operate with the help of certain security protocols to keep your information safe. For analysis and marketing purposes, we may store your private information on our servers. But we never share this information with unauthorized private or public entities; neither is it exchanged, transferred, or sold to third parties.

WritersPie holds the authority to change or update, edit or remove any clause from the privacy policy without prior notifying anyone. We suggest that our users and visitors keep a check on the privacy policy now and then to avoid any misunderstanding. Once a customer has placed an order with us, they will be liable to agree with the privacy policy. The company will notify the customer in advance if we are to use any of his personal information. We will send a notification, 30 days before the action, in this period you can either share your consent or concerns. You can always contact us for policy-related news or updates via call, chat, or email. WritersPie works to make your academic journey easier for you with easy-to-understand policies.